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Review: Rotten Sound - Species at War

Review: Rotten Sound - Species at War

With their follow-up to 2011’s Cursed full-length, Finnish grind demons Rotten Sound continue their long-running tradition of one- and two-word song titles while delivering six crushing tracks in an eight-minute blitzkrieg on your stereo and face. Fusing Napalm Death’s feral intensity with Entombed’s classic ’90s guitar tone, the band unfurls frantic, lockstep blasts (opener “Cause,” “The Solution”) spiked with mid-paced death-’n’-roll riffs (“Peace,” “The Game”) and thudding, churning doom breaks (“Salvation”) while vocalist Keijo Niinimaa barks and roars his way to a raw-throated catharsis. It’s the sound of a Species at War all right, and that species is Finnicus Grindicus Maximus. J. BENNETT

Check out "Salvation" off Species at War below:

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