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Review: Royal Thunder - CVI

Review: Royal Thunder - CVI

With their debut full-length, Atlanta rock quadrangle Royal Thunder deliver on the unlikely promise offered by their self-titled 2010 EP: deep Sabbathian grooves with a distinct Southern twang fronted by a female vocalist-bassist with a killer banshee wail. On CVI, frontwoman Mlny Parsonz leads her bandmates through a thick rock hurricane that spins soaring melodies and searing heaviness in almost every direction. From the anthemic riff-ride of “No Good” and the moody, Earth-esque atmosphere of “Sleeping Witch” to the climactic nine-and-half-minute centerpiece “Blue,” Royal Thunder display a soulful sonic acumen that’s as dynamic as it is compelling. Essential. J. BENNETT

Check out "Whispering World" off CVI below:

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