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Review: Scorpion Child - Scorpion Child

Review: Scorpion Child - Scorpion Child

If David Coverdale-era Deep Purple jammed with Rainbow, or Robert Plant bedded Fastway, you might get Austin, Texas' Scorpion Child. The band's self-titled debut takes listeners back to the good times, good vibes, and great music of the hard-rocking '70s. Right from the opening track, "Kings Highway," the album is all killer, no filler. The lead single "Polygon of Eyes" has an anthemic chorus that is hard to get out of one's head, while the second single, "Liquor," boasts a groove and melody that is contagious and catchy. Other standout tracks  include "Salvation Slave," "Paradigm," and "Secret Spot"--the latter of which will rock most listeners into psychotropic ecstasy. All in all, the record perfectly captures the band live--which, as anyone who saw them on this summer's Mayhem Fest knows, is an experience in itself. No makeup, fancy effects, or fire, just bell-bottom jeans and cowboy boots and straight-up kickass rock and roll. Who doesn't dig that? MARTY RUBALCABA

Check out "Liquor" off Scorpion Child below:

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