Review: Scum of the Earth – The Devil Made Me Do It



The third album by Scum of the Earth is loaded with stomping riffs, evil-disco beats, horror sound bites, and distorted vocals that reek of zombie–Rob Zombie, that is. As such, it will do little to move the band and its frontman, ex-Zombie guitarist Mike Riggs, out of the shadow of his former boss. Indeed, the first verse of “(Mindless) Dead Things” sounds a little too close for comfort to “Living Dead Girl.” It’s a shame since this Devil is not without its compelling moments: “Born Again Masochist” and “Ghost” perfectly incorporate skittery dubstep beats, while “Pray” and “Via Dela Rosa” offer serpentine guitar licks that sport real venom. JON WIEDERHORN

Check out “The Devil Made Me Do It” off The Devil Made Me Do It below: