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Review: Shadows Fall - Fire From the Sky

Review: Shadows Fall - Fire From the Sky

Back in the late ’00s, Massachusetts’ Shadows Fall seemed dangerously close to a mainstream breakthrough, releasing a Grammy-nominated album, Threads of Life, that is so catchy, they’re still trying to live it down. 2009’s Retribution was a return to their usual churning riffage and skyscraper harmonies; this, its follow-up, is more of the same, only better. Fire From the Sky is suitably heavy, grim but not ridiculous, and its best songs will remind listeners of Metallica. Its worst ones will, too, actually. Best of all is the performance by Brian Fair, who has become one of metal’s most elastic vocalists, turning a line like “Why do we die?” from a rhetorical device into some kind of weird prophecy. ALLISON STEWART

Check out the title track off Fire From the Sky below:

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