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Review: Sister - Hated

Review: Sister - Hated

Combine the crusty hair metal of Mötley Crüe with the attitude and vocals of Alexi Laiho from Children of Bodom, and you might begin to understand Swedish glam-sleaze band Sister. Their Metal Blade debut, Hated, is a punk-laced slab of pissed-off hard rock. Like the best the Sunset Strip had to offer in the '80s, these tunes are more concerned with sheer adrenaline and catchiness than technical complexity or compositional experimentation. Which would be all well and good, if Sister's particular formula didn't get old so quickly, with most of the riffs being uninspired and recycled within the album so much that it becomes difficult to distinguish one song from the other. “Spit At Me” is one of the few standout tracks, managing to be a genuinely fun sing-along while preserving its own identity within the context of the record . Album opener “Body Blow” is another. Overall, Sister probably will find their mascara-wearing, hair-teasing audience, but unless some diversity is injected into this generally monotonous mix, for most listeners, once you’ve heard one song, you’ve heard them all. JEREMY BORJON

Check out the titled track from Hated below:

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