Review: Skinny Puppy – HanDover



Whoever coined the phrase “the devil is in the details” probably wasn’t thinking of Skinny Puppy, but it perfectly describes the sound and sensibility of this industrial-music duo’s 14th album. A conceptually scathing and sonically scalding indictment of how the financial industry has made patsies of us all, the songs here fairly throb with dread, with Ogre’s sneering vocals snaking through the mix like a horror-story narrator. Cevin Key’s carefully pruned electronic soundscapes underscore the creep-show impression, enveloping the listener like some spooky fairytale forest, but the scariest thing about HanDover is that its bogeymen are real—and run our economy. J.D. CONSIDINE

  • Train2win

    O smack.  My favorite band of ALL TIME

  • Olik Nesnah

    Super Excited! 

  • Metalbob

    Sneering vocals? Sounds more like Stephen Hawkin attempting Thrash Metal Karaoke, it just sound like a Droid orgie…. Awful electronic rambling.    

  • James

    Great Album!! Love SP