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Review: SOiL - Whole

Review: SOiL - Whole

SOiL haven’t been the same since frontman Ryan McCombs left after singing on the group's first three albums including 2001’s hit-laden Scars, so his return here is a welcome one. The 11-song set finds the Windy City group in hard-hitting, tight-riffing form, stomping through the likes of “Loaded Gun” and “My Time” with an audibly renewed ferocity. McCombs, late of Drowing Pool, is both angsty and angry, lashing out at the woman (or women) who did him wrong while his bandmates kick up a Scars-like wall of guitar noise (with Staind’s Mike Mushok soloing on “Wake Up”). SOiL is indeed whole again, and all the better for it. GARY GRAFF

Check out "Shine On" off Whole below:

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