Review: Steve Harris – British Lion



After somehow mustering the willpower to remain tight-lipped about this solo project for decades (literally!), Iron Maiden founder and bassist Steve Harris seemingly dropped this hard-rock heavy hitter from the heavens. Musically, the group has little in common with the operatic, prog-metal epics of Harris’ main band, and, in fact, British Lion might surprise longtime Ed Heads in that it’s more redolent of the sort of ’80s hard-rock bands who dominated the radio waves when Maiden couldn’t, like Dokken and even Whitesnake. But this knack for range is what makes Harris a vital songwriter, and the music on the record is cohesive, not some tossed-off side project. Also, in vocalist Richard Taylor, he’s found a compelling hard-rock singer who spreads his wings on AOR fist bangers like the driving “Us Against the World” and the catchy “A World Without Heaven” in a way that few other singers could attempt. KORY GROW

Check out “Judas” off British Lion below:

  • metallian

    OH CMON! nobody else thinks this is boring?? that singing my god! not even putting steves name on this can save this turd!

  • Gatoverde

    I like it. Not bad at all.

  • fritz

    not even a garage band sounds like this crap!!

  • kentlfc

    It’s poo, sadly! I was hoping for a real proggie album reflecting Steve’s influences but alas it’s a really boring album with mediocre playing and below average singing. Most of the drums sound crap too! Kevin Shirley hasn’t had a good album sound since Dream Theater 15 years ago!

  • Jim

    Lets hope this is the ballad

  • Jim

    Fritz…is this Jason Fritz the dude who digs Dio ?

  • duanerock

    this album really sucks singing is terrible & whole sound is off not metal or even really rock just sucks don’t waste your time

  • westhammer

    Great album great music, the singer fits in nicely with these songs. these other dicks dont know what they are talking about!!