Review: Straight Line Stitch – The Fight of Our Lives



On their second release, The Fight of Our Lives, Knoxville quintet Straight Line Stitch create a melodic brand of modern metalcore that mixes softer sections with a more aggressive sound. The band cites influences such as DevilDriver and In Flames, but it doesn’t live up to the quality of either of those bands. At their best, Straight Line Stitch play crisp, catchy straight-up metal that capitalizes on the beautiful singing voice of frontwoman—and current Revolver Hottest Chick in Hard Rock—Alexis Brown (see pics of her here), and her clean vocals prove to be an impressive contrast to her powerful screams.  But the group more often produces the kind of straightforward riffs and breakdowns that sound generic to listeners familiar with the band’s influences. On tracks like “Conversion” and “No Tomorrow,” song structures are predictable and repetitive, and Brown’s clean vocals seem more forced than natural. The group’s potential comes through best on “Cold Front,” a hooky, sing-along-ready track that blends its lighter melodic sections with heavier ones quite well.  But overall, The Fight of Our Lives is a mostly dull record with flashes of metallic brilliance.  DAVID McKENNA

  • Jacqui

    Glad they came out with another cd. I’m a big fan. GO!!! SLS!!!

  • FYI

    The Fight of Our Lives is a great CD. I it!. It shows Straight Line Stitch’s tremendous growth as a band. Stand out tracks = all of them! but Tear Down the Sky (this is heavy and its even awesome live), Cold Front (this is a masterpiece), Bar Room Brawl (the growl featured in this song is excellent), One Reason (hands down a masterpiece, its so not what I expected out of Alexis but she pulls off sexy vocals really well), Never Surrender (lyrics are very inspirational “I’ve come to far to back down now gotta finish what I’ve started..its not hold on say we’ll never surrender…if there is a chance of losing hope let it hold on never surrender”), Living Dead (the guitar riffs are awesome and creapy but lyrics are solid), Sound of Silence (very loud and the screams are on point). Ashes in the Wind (its a slower song like Cold Front but it rocks and the vocals are so beautiful and the use of violins just makes it classic). The iTunes deluxe edition has two additional tracks that are very good, especially the music arrangement, which are ‘Without You’ and ‘When This Life is Over’. I think this album represents metal brillance for this band. All the relentless touring has helped them create even better lyrics and polished music. It was so worth the wait and I hope eveyone listens to this cd becasue it is really great. I love it…love it.

  • Alex Schuster

    David Mckenna is either gay or half deaf. sls is one one of the best i have heard, hair raising metal…. rapidly growing band to no end.

  • guest

    2/5? You have to be an idiot.