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Review: Stray From the Path - Rising Sun

Review: Stray From the Path - Rising Sun

Long Island's Stray From the Path go straight for the throat with their third studio effort, Rising Sun. The bristling album touts 30 minutes of early-2000s-style metalcore that heavily apes the blueprint laid out by Burnt by the Sun, spiked with echoes of Every Time I Die and Cancer Bats. It's a full-on assault full of visceral, fist-pumping pounders built on a solid foundation of mathy riffs and thundering breakdowns. In other words, it's everything a fan could want from a modern metalcore act.

Rising Sun brings to the table a snarling punkish heart and an off-kilter, slightly spastic brain; two parts aggression with a dash of technical noodling. But those who lust for creativity will be left wanting: Stray From the Path does next to nothing to deviate from the road worn smooth by the aforementioned genre heavyweights. The focus here is on execution, not innovation. Stray From the Path have one simple goal—to make noise and scare the neighbors. And even if their methods can be undeniably derivative, few will question the devastating end result. CLARKE READ

Check out "Death Beds" off Rising Sun below:

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