Review: Testament – Dark Roots of Earth



On their 10th album, Bay Area titans Testament maintain their hard-won reputation as the only one of the major ’80s thrash bands who still haven’t released a crappy record. Even the mighty Slayer disappointed with 1998’s nu-metal-tinged Diabolus in Musica, but Testament have been rock fucking solid since their 1987 debut. With laser-tight drums provided by Dethklok’s Gene Hoglan and Lamb of God’s Chris Adler (both filling in for the injured Paul Bostaph), Dark Roots offers shred-heavy political statements (“True American Hate”), hook-laden power-jags (“Native Blood”), and straight-up rippers (“Man Kills Mankind”), slipping only on slower material like the title track and quasi-ballad “Cold Embrace.” J. BENNETT

Check out “True American Hate” off Dark Roots of Earth below:

  • Russellmichael1976

    diablous in Musica was not a dissapointing album are you stoned???

    • Kach40

      Dittohead, Circle of Beliefs etc. great songs, great record

      • Javier Di Maio

        Thats songs are for Divine Intervention.

  • Genny Dark-Disciple Giansante

    ehm……where is the review?

  • Lee Rochester

    That is an absolutely pathetic excuse for an album review. 

    • D V

      The Wikipedia article on DROE links here, and one of the other reviews linked is by someone who has no business “writing” either. Oh how have standards fallen. At least Testament still shreds!

  • Toby McDonald

    Great new album. Yea the review is not very in depth but who cares. I agree that Slayers Diabolus was pretty disappointing.. the only Slayer album I can’t listen to.

    • Lee Rochester

      Who cares? Ha Ha Ha! DOINK! 

  • Jnht

    God Hates Us All was worse than Diabolus. Good album, don’t quite agree with the “Testament maintain their hard-won reputation as the only one of the major ’80s thrash bands who still haven’t released a crappy record” statement, First Strike Still Deadly anyone? But I do think Testament and Exodus are the two best 80’s thrash bands still going.

  • rainman

    Testament has put out a few cans. Some are better than others but Slayer is the only band that has never had a bad album.

  • SLAYER!!!!!

    God Hates Us All was amazing. Diabolus was probably their worst but not bad at all.
    Testament The Gathering is fantastic. Souls of Black sucked. This album is great.

    • Jennmarie

      I agree.. god hates us all is in my favorites for shore ! ive been jammin slayer since i was 4 years old 1984 btw You rock!

  • Matt

    testament deserves more respect and after Chuck fought off cancer and Skolnick came back, the last 2 albums have proven they are more powerful now than ever before. They hold the flag in my eyes, still heavy and refused to change styles just because everyone else has. I love the new disc, brutal guitar riff’s backed by Chuck’s signature vocals and the solid drumwork by Hoglan/Adler helping out Bostaph shows that these guys mean business and pack a metal fist ready to slam some heads. What really separates Testament is their ability to reach their fans. I spent over 3 hours backstage in Detroit, they signed everything you wanted signed, took pictures with every fan and made the whole night even better by hanging out and just being regular guys. When you can tie in the personal experience with a great band who continue to amaze metal fans and who truly love what they do, my respect factor is that much greater. The new disc is bad ass and deserves any and all metal fans to buy it and go see them live. Testament and metal forever!!