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Review: Testament - Dark Roots of Earth

Review: Testament - Dark Roots of Earth

On their 10th album, Bay Area titans Testament maintain their hard-won reputation as the only one of the major ’80s thrash bands who still haven’t released a crappy record. Even the mighty Slayer disappointed with 1998’s nu-metal-tinged Diabolus in Musica, but Testament have been rock fucking solid since their 1987 debut. With laser-tight drums provided by Dethklok’s Gene Hoglan and Lamb of God’s Chris Adler (both filling in for the injured Paul Bostaph), Dark Roots offers shred-heavy political statements (“True American Hate”), hook-laden power-jags (“Native Blood”), and straight-up rippers (“Man Kills Mankind”), slipping only on slower material like the title track and quasi-ballad “Cold Embrace.” J. BENNETT

Check out "True American Hate" off Dark Roots of Earth below:

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