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Review: The Almost - Fear Inside Our Bones

Review: The Almost - Fear Inside Our Bones

“Don’t look to me for hope/I’m just like you,” croons The Almost frontman, and former Underoath, drummer Aaron Gillespie on the title track of the alt rockers’ third album. Candid lyrics like this paired with the band’s decision to record completely live make for its most raw and organic album yet. Fear Inside Our Bones delivers thundering rhythms and crunchy guitars fans will love, at times even tapping into the pop-rock effervescence of the Foo Fighters. Some tracks feel like filler, including a left-field cover of Andrew Gold’s “Lonely Boy.” But the highlights, like the blues-heavy “Ghost,” are strong enough to pick up the slack. MEGHAN TRAYNOR

Check out "Ghost" off Fear Inside Our Bones below:

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