Review: The Devil Wears Prada – Dead Throne



For sheer density of sound, it’s hard to top the mighty roar the Devil Wears Prada have concocted on their fourth album and heaviest yet. With Mike Hranica’s full-body scream supported by fat power chords, rumbling sub-bass, and semi-orchestral keyboards (with backing vocals frequently added for extra weight), the songs here have every frequency not only covered but cranked to 11. That’s a plus when the writing is equally heroic, as with “My Questions,” “Born to Lose,” or the stunning “Holdfast,” but when the songs don’t measure up melodically or thematically, as with the overly ornate “R.I.T.,” the sonic heft only underscores the failings. J.D. CONSIDINE

Sample “Holdfast” off Dead Throne below:

  • Francis

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