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Review: The Greenery - Spit and Argue


On their debut full-length, scrappy Long Beach quintet the Greenery follow in the footsteps of bands like the Bronx—a derelict blend of metal aggression, punk rock scab-picking, and sunburnt Cali sleaze. What makes them stand out is their fearlessness in exploring their testosterone-charged impulses, with frontman Matt Lanners constantly exploiting a vein-popping yelp and his band churning out full-on NYHC sing-along breakdowns. Unfortunately, the macho chest-puffing gets tiresome fast, with Lanners treating Spit and Argue like his personal diss war, screaming the petty (“We deserve this more than you”) and the just plain ugly (“Your music’s awful, just a bunch of sluts”). CHRISTOPHER R. WEINGARTEN

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