Review: The Greenery – Spit and Argue



On their debut full-length, scrappy Long Beach quintet the Greenery follow in the footsteps of bands like the Bronx—a derelict blend of metal aggression, punk rock scab-picking, and sunburnt Cali sleaze. What makes them stand out is their fearlessness in exploring their testosterone-charged impulses, with frontman Matt Lanners constantly exploiting a vein-popping yelp and his band churning out full-on NYHC sing-along breakdowns. Unfortunately, the macho chest-puffing gets tiresome fast, with Lanners treating Spit and Argue like his personal diss war, screaming the petty (“We deserve this more than you”) and the just plain ugly (“Your music’s awful, just a bunch of sluts”). CHRISTOPHER R. WEINGARTEN

  • Donny_sharko

    Chris should go back to writing about Raekwon. Sissy.

  • Voice in the Dark

    we are a new band from los angeles. give us a listen.facebook(dot)com/voiceinthedarkfollow us: twitter(dot)com/Voiceinthe_Dark

  • xTFAx

    Chris first off this isn’t fully in the metal genre so of course your not going to like it. This band is Punk/Hardcore/Metal genre with sing along lyrics and breakdowns that would break faces clearly this is not a metal band. so your review on this album does not exist. so my review of listening to this band for the first time is if your an old school Punk/Hardcore music listener this the band for you. This will definitely make you wanna kick a baby across a room 

  • An Honest Voice

    Try taking in a live show before you jam your self righteous opinion down peoples throats. In this day and age where most people are stealing music (such as yourself, go ahead. tell me you bought this. don’t give me the I get it for free to judge it excuse ) bands rely on their live show as the selling point. Anyone can stand on a stage and hold a stance. What sets a band apart is the electricity of the live performance. No one is making money off records anymore so I can’t wait until you are out of a job and the blind sheep who follow you have to make up their own minds. Johnny Cash once said the truest thing possible about music. ” A good song is a good song regardless of who wrote it. “

  • Jhgfskjh

    fuck your review its more than just music, if you’ve never been a part of it you’ll never know 

  • NegativeConductor

    Nyhc now is a joke..its 5th rate imitation tough guy metal. The type the muscle headed jerks wear their shirts to hooters to try to make people think they are punk or cool. This is what happens when jocks decide to make a band.

  • Lowest

    This is the best album out right now. Beginning to end.