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Review: The Haunted - Unseen

Review: The Haunted - Unseen

The Haunted have returned! Led by the legendary Björler brothers of At The Gates fame, the Swedish metal vets drop their seventh studio album, the follow-up to 2008's Versus. And the group is on fire, delivering a dirty, eclectic mix of jams that defy simple categorization, but suggest a loose blend of Strapping Young Lad and In Flames. The album is daring and varied in its scope and execution, each track markedly different in genre and approach from the last, but never losing the distinctive Haunted touch. Opener “Never Better” rabidly attacks, clearly showing this band has not lost its bite. Completely unexpected, but one of the best cuts on the record, is the swaggering southern sludge track “No Ghost,” which echoes Crowbar and Clutch. The album’s first single, “Unseen,” along with "Disappear" are headbanging examples of Gothenburg metal at its best. The funky, tribal “All Ends Well” and the darkly epic closer “Done” are fantastic tracks as well. Along with the Björler brothers' diverse work, vocalist Peter Dolving's performance is one of the highlights of this album, as he gives each song its own unique sense of maniacal energy and showcases his unique range of tones, styles, and delivery. Unseen is not your typical metal album; but then, as they've proven again here, the Haunted is not your typical band. JEREMY BORJON

Check out the trailer for Unseen below:

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