Review: The Melvins – Freak Puke



Leave it to the Melvins to rearrange their lineup again—temporarily, this time—for the sake of weirdness. On Freak Puke, vocalist-guitarist King Buzzo and drummer Dale Crover team up with Mr. Bungle bassist Trevor Dunn for what’s being dubbed “Melvins Lite.” They might be one drummer short of a full Melvins deck, but the resulting hand is almost entirely aces. Chunky, angular grooves abound—“Mr. Rip Off,” “Baby, Won’t You Weird Me Out,” “Worm Farm Waltz”—each bolstered by the rumbling undertow of Dunn’s standup contrabass. Most bizarre, though? Their anthemic cover of Wings’ “Let Me Roll It.” Unsurprisingly, it kills. J. BENNETT