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Review: The Plot in You - First Born

Review: The Plot in You - First Born

Hard charging, heavy, and in your face, the Plot in You hold nothing back on their debut record, First Born. Methodical and punishing, the songs are a series of industrial sounds and crunchy guitar chords. But while the band shoots for a similar sound to more polished metalcore contemporaries like Bury Your Dead and the Devil Wears Prada, the Plot in You unfortunately come up short.

The music, while not terrible, isn’t terribly interesting or innovative either. The vocals are not distinctive; the constant shifting between clean choruses and harsher verses is all too familiar. The lyrics are similarly rote: Lines like, “You think you know everything, but you don’t know anything” (from the track “Unwelcome”) will hardly go down in legend. Most importantly, the repetitive guitar chugging just gets old—fast. “Rat Poison” is a good example, a two-and-a-half-minute song that seems to have a very simple formula: break it down, then break it down again at a different speed. Repeat. And that formula itself is reiterated across the album. Admittedly, the results include some truly bone-jarring breakdowns that will quicken the heart of even the most diehard headbanger. But these alone cannot save the record from mediocrity.

On the upside, the Plot in You not only show plenty of room for growth on First Born, but also plenty of potential for growth. We can only hope they deliver on that potential with their second born. CONOR MYHRVOLD

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