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Review: The Treatment - This Might Hurt

Review: The Treatment - This Might Hurt

With driving hard-rock riffs and great songwriting ability, British quintet the Treatment get off to a strong start with their debut, This Might Hurt. While it may sound like a throwback to the unapologetic party rock of Kiss and Mötley Crüe (fitting since the Treatment will be opening for both those groups this summer), the album never comes across like the work of a tribute band. Standout tracks include "Stone Cold Love," which offers a big arena-ready chorus that should have audiences singing along, and the alternate, acoustic take of the album’s “Just Tell Me Why.” This version shows a more stripped-down and intimate side of the band, reminiscent of something off the second half of GN'R Lies. The Treatment’s debut showcases a classic-rock style as filtered through a young, new-millennial band’s perspective, and as such, it certainly does not hurt. PAIGE CAMISASCA

Check out "Nothing To Lose But Our Minds" off This Might Hurt below:

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