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Review: This or the Apocalypse - Dead Years

Review: This or the Apocalypse - Dead Years

This or The Apocalypse have finally snapped—you might, too, if you lived in as they do in bucolic Lancaster, Pennsylvania. On this third album, their atypical blasts of madness are more deranged than ever. But while delivering the kind of unpredictable polyrhythms that has defined their virtuosic metalcore, the guys also reveal some pretty solid “songs.” The ace melodies, not its angular crunch, give “In Wolves” its bite, and “Americans” and “Hate the Ones You Love” serve up seriously hooky prog guitar work. “You Own No One But You” even boasts a Justin Timberlake-ish bit that’s both totally catchy and certifiably bonkers. JEFF PERLAH

Check out a Dead Years album teaser below:

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