Review: Threat Signal – Threat Signal



Despite an endless parade of lineup shifts since their 2003 inception, industrial-strength metalcore gut-spillers Threat Signal continue their steady grind as the bastard children of Lamb of God and Fear Factory. Their third album introduces a new emotional resonance that their chilly robo-rhythms haven’t previously allowed: Vocalist Jon Howard has adopted a warm, Chester Bennington feel to his rasp, juxtaposing his feral growls and yawps with soaring, weathered af?rmations like “We must hold on/We must be strong.” The other star is new drummer Alex Rüdinger’s piston-like feet, churning in absolute dementia, adding scatter-gun blasts to Threat Signal’s already craggy groove-metal rhythms. CHRISTOPHER R. WEINGARTEN

  • charnelflame

    more like a 4, and the guitar work on this album is ridiculous

  • Acepiva

    From start to finish, every drum hit, guitar/bass note and vocal scream is amazing!!
    can’t wait to see this band explode and get bigger then they already are.

    They need to tour with LOG