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Review: Thy Will Be Done - Temple

Review: Thy Will Be Done - Temple

For a relatively unknown band to be handpicked by Metallica to play at their Orion Music + More festival this past summer is, you know, just a slightly big deal. And while Thy Will Be Done's inclusion in that fest has no doubt made some previously unaware fans take notice, their groove metal is solid enough to merit attention in its own right. The band's third release, Temple, is a six-song EP that really lets the musical low end take the stage much as it does on God Forbid's output. The most intriguing of these tracks is the single "You, the Apathy Divine," which is perhaps what got them on Metallica's radar in the first place. But even though Temple is an engaging listen, it's hard not to wonder what a full-length would have sounded like. As far as stop-gap releases go, this one is a bit of a cliffhanger that, for better or worse, leaves us wanting more. SAMMI CHICHESTER

Check out "You, the Apathy Divine" off Temple below:

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