Review: To Speak of Wolves – Find Your Worth, Come Home



On this, their sophomore album and first with new frontman Gage Speas, North Carolina’s To Speak of Wolves blast out sweeping, anthemic metalcore worthy of the band fronted by their drummer Phil Chamberlain’s brother, Spencer: Underoath. These guys have a burlier sound, though, due in large part to Speas’ Sean Ingram-esque bellow on songs like the coruscating “Stand Alone Complex” and the lurching “Broken Birds.” But Speas also owns a sinuous emo croon, which he breaks out on pseudo-ballads such as “A Simple Thought that Changed” and “Oregon.” To Speak of Wolves have indeed found their worth. WILL NAVIDSON

Check out “Hivemind” off Find Your Worth, Come Home below: