Review: Tomahawk – Oddfellows



On “I.O.U.,” a smarmy-sounding soul-rock torch song on Tomahawk’s fourth LP, Oddfellows, frontman Mike Patton sings, “I owe you a love song for everything I’ve done wrong.” That’s likely about as close as we’re going to get to a mea culpa for the group’s disappointing, Native American-inflected 2007 art-rock eyebrow raiser Anonymous. This time, though, it’s business as usual for the alt-metal supergroup—which contains sometime members of Faith No More, the Jesus Lizard, Melvins, and Helmet—and cuts like the catchy  “Stone Letter” and the sludgy “Waratorium” recall the quirkily radio-friendly rock the band members pioneered in a few of their previous ensembles. It’s a surprising, thoroughly consistent return-to-form, and it makes Oddfellows the first contender for hard-rock album of the year. KORY GROW

Check out “Stone Letter” off Oddfellows below:

  • BrassMonkeyBallz


  • Dinkdog

    I don’t know what you’re talking about. Anonymous was their greatest album.

    • George Bowles


  • Av

    The Anonymous album was incredible. Wake up rookie!

  • Phac Hu

    There’s nothing to apologize for with respect to Anonymous. It is a great album.

  • Diarmuid

    Anonymous was an amazing album

  • Jamie

    I loved Anonymous.

  • William Seth

    I loved Anonymous

  • Zack S

    Jerk, talking trash about Anonymous. You JUST DON’T GET IT do you?

  • Mau Olho

    The new album will tear , that’s great m/m/

  • Ben Mitchell

    Another fan of “Anonymous” here. Baffled that anyone would consider it disappointing. Patton coverage being far less voluminous than that of mainstream pop I suppose it’s easier to assume yours and my opinions are representative of the greater public’s. The only way a Patton album might disappoint me would be if he did as most others do and made the same album twice in a row. Which in 20+ years has yet to happen. Still, looking forward to this one a great deal

  • Dali Skalník

    Love “their business as usual”, loved their Anonymous, one of its kind

  • Bonnie

    The crowd speaks the truth… Anonymous was their best so far, and still stands as one of my favorite albums of all time!

  • Jacob King

    Anonymous was and still is one of the most unique, beautiful and badass albums I’ve ever heard. That opening statement really annoys me.

  • Dane Collins

    Anonymous disappointing? Seriously?

  • Fagjaw

    I guess I should listen to Anonymous again because I didn’t like it all that much.

  • ch17

    Probably another person who can’t live without their “My Chemical Romance”. Anonymous, was inventive, incredible and very unique (by today’s standards). I wish people (especially one’s who write regular album reviews) would open their minds and ears to more different and creative music. Put down the Disturbed and pick up a Mr. Bungle album!

  • Aaron Monks

    Weak review. Anonymous disappointing? Four run-on sentences to describe an eagerly anticipated rock album by these titans is weak. Try harder next time. My skid marks write better reviews.

    • Benedicto_Yorma

      If you are going to be a grammar/sentence structure Nazi, do it right. You could argue that the longest sentence is missing a comma, but, other than that, there are no run-ons in this review. Also, your troll droppings that you try to pass as a comment have two incomplete sentences.

  • Arturo Bandini

    For me, Anonymous is the best Tomahawk album. It’s amazing!


      funny! cause it’s not…

      • Chortles

        neither is your face..

  • Scott DuBar

    Man… Anonymous is my favorite album from Tomahawk. I was actually hoping they would incorporate some of that sound into this one (but I was pretty sure they wouldn’t).

  • Dave

    Anonymous FTW!

  • ASC

    Anonymous is one of the greatest musical ventures ever. It’s a disappointment to read such a disrespectful regard of a masterpiece. tsk tsk.

  • J Fitch

    Anonymous is easily my favorite of all of the Tomahawk albums.

  • George Bowles

    hey asshat, ‘Anonymous’ was the best Tomahawk album to date. doubtful this will be better than that.

  • Bunk

    I guess you didn’t like it when like Kid A came either…

  • jiminez

    I hope this mongoloid doesn’t get paid to write this trash. Anonymous was disappointing? Ummm no, stick to Muse or whatever other crap music you probably love. And do you really think Mike Patton would apologize for anything, let alone an album as good as Anonymous? How long have you been in this industry, 2 months?

  • Tom

    Anonymous is great.

  • CR

    How does it feel to have the wrong opinion about Anonymous?


    “Anonymous” was a disappointment…It was not their best album nor a great album. I like Tomahawk because I like the hard stuff not sure about you other Tomahawk fans…it’s O.K. not to like a Mike Patton album….pussies!

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  • Ingrid Elkner

    I wasn’t into Anonymous when I first heard it, but now I crave it. It’s intensely beautiful and strong stuff. I guess I was disappointed at first too, expecting more alternative rock, but those feelings changed.
    Hard to take the opinion of someone who didn’t respect that album, but it’s a review, not fact.
    We’re the hardcore fans, and no-one else’s opinions will sway us.