Review: Vampires Everywhere! – Kiss the Sun Goodbye



In a neo-glam metalcore scene already oversaturated with bloody references to preternatural creatures, LA’s Vampires Everywhere! set themselves apart by bringing a sonic depth to their romanticized tales of the undead. On their full-length debut, they display a charismatic guttural rage to go along with their emo-inflected hooks on biting tracks like “Ashes to Ashes” and “Carnage at the Castle.” Meanwhile, “Kill the Chemicals” sounds like the missing link between AFI and Avenged Sevenfold. Though Michael Vampire’s over-reliance on vocal effects comes off as trite at times, hopelessly catchy singles “Immortal Love” and “The Embrace” ultimately should win over skeptics to these Hollywood bloodsuckers. ZENA TSARFIN

Check out “Call Out the Dead” off Kiss the Sun Goodbye below:

  • noway

    A 4 out of 5..? Credibility is lost when it is apparent how valuable your relationship is with a record label that essentially signs your checks with all the advertising money they put into your company. This band is a joke.


      your a douch


    this band is bad ass!!!! i loved them in concert. anyone that says different can kiss my ass!