Review: Warbeast – Destroy



Don’t mistake brutal Texas thrash band Warbeast with the cavalcade of groups that invaded with the dawn of Warbringer. Vocalist Bruce Corbitt was the original Rigor Mortis singer in the late ’80s and other members started out in Gammacide around the same time. As good as they were then, the players have only improved with age. Part of a the crop of post-thrashers from the post-aught era, Warbeast sound tighter and more cohesive on second offering, Destroy, compared to their 2010 debut, Krush the Enemy. The production by Philip Anselmo, who also produced the last album, is cleaner here, and there are impressive new touches–like the news channel soundbytes on “The Day Of…,” a song about 9-11, and the frenzied air-raid guitar solos in “War of the Worlds.” JON WIEDERHORN