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Review: Wayne Static - Pighammer

Review: Wayne Static - Pighammer

Static-X fans lamenting the band’s hiatus can take solace in main man Wayne Static’s ?rst solo album, which sounds like a grittier, heavier version of the band’s patented “Evil Disco.” Rife with skittering electronic beats, staccato guitar bursts, and barked vocals, Pighammer‘s tunes alternate between mid-paced stompers (“Around the Turn,” “Assassins of Youth”) and trudging sludgefests (“Shifter,” “Get It Together”) that would feel at home on Static-X’s platinum-selling 1999 debut, Wisconsin Death Trip. Although the songs do sometimes get overly simplistic and repetitive, there’s plenty of industrial-metal fun to be had: Even all by his lonesome, it’s still party time in Wayne’s world. JON WIEDERHORN

Check out "Thunder Invader" off Pighammer below:

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