Review: Wayne Static – Pighammer



Static-X fans lamenting the band’s hiatus can take solace in main man Wayne Static’s ?rst solo album, which sounds like a grittier, heavier version of the band’s patented “Evil Disco.” Rife with skittering electronic beats, staccato guitar bursts, and barked vocals, Pighammer‘s tunes alternate between mid-paced stompers (“Around the Turn,” “Assassins of Youth”) and trudging sludgefests (“Shifter,” “Get It Together”) that would feel at home on Static-X’s platinum-selling 1999 debut, Wisconsin Death Trip. Although the songs do sometimes get overly simplistic and repetitive, there’s plenty of industrial-metal fun to be had: Even all by his lonesome, it’s still party time in Wayne’s world. JON WIEDERHORN

Check out “Thunder Invader” off Pighammer below:

  • Atomdkey

    Fun,Easy metal..riffs and headbanging that’s what its all about!

  • Andrés Albarado

    yeahhhh bitch

  • R3dchr15

    the production value is vastly worst than any Static-X album, which really leaves me stunned. I thought Wayne would have really brought the noise on his first solo venture, especially given how good recordings are very easy to achieve. At the same time, the industrial metal sound is something I’ve not been a fan of most of the time, so maybe I am biased. Still, sounds like Mr. Static didn’t try to “seal the deal”, as it were, and show that he can do this without the other members of Static-X, but I don’t believe that he can achieve success without the influence and talent of the other SX members.

  • Jgm

    Wayne Static has a cool intense scream.

  • James Brown

    I agree with R3dchr15. I like it but the production lets it down imo. Sounds too soft and digitised in places. Great also though. Like Cult of Static come to think of it. 7.5/10

  • Stinkpinkerton

    Is this Wayne Static’s impression of a Korn album?