Review: Trust Company – Dreaming in Black and White



Formed in 1997, alt-metal trio Trust Company have been on hiatus since 2005; now they’re back with their third studio full-length. Starting off with a bang, the record’s first tracks quickly deliver the best the album has to offer and showcase this band’s electric potential. First single “Heart in Your Hands” is simply great, hearkening back to the sound of Trust Company’s impressive debut album, The Lonely Position of Neutral, while also representing a step forward for the band. With a more mature and focused sound than some of the group’s prior work, it suggests an effective ethereal mix of Deftones-esque alt-metal interlaced with echoes of pop-industrialists Filter. Unfortunately, the second half of the album blurs together, the songs becoming forgettable. Despite this, the band’s potential is clearly on display at many points in this album. Trust Company is back, but to prove they’re here to stay, they need to channel the musicianship and energy they initially deliver and breathe genuine life into some of their more generic songs. JEREMY BORJON

  • Skull12354

    I disagree with this review i thought the cd was very good to the end and i think these guys should have more time in the light there cds and live shows are both truely amazing

  • Paul

    i agree with skull2354, you either didn’t give the album enough time, or listened to the whole thing through once and wrote this review afterwards. shame.