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Revolver’s Golden Gods Issue on Stands Now… Too Epic for One Cover!

On stands now, the 2010 REVOLVER MAGAZINE GOLDEN GODS issue is not to be missed. The double-sized issue boasts an all-star cover featuring the REVOLVER GOLDEN GODS AWARDS winners, performers and presenters—including OZZY OSBOURNE, LEMMY KILMISTER of Motörhead, ROB HALFORD of Judas Priest, DAVE GROHL, ALICE COOPER, CHINO MORENO of Deftones, ROB ZOMBIE, ZAKK WYLDE of Black Label Society, VINNIE PAUL of Hellyeah, JERRY CANTRELL of Alice In Chains, CHRIS JERICHO of WWE and Fozzy, KAT VON D, MARC COLOMBO of the Dallas Cowboys and Free Reign, and more.

GoTV Networks and Revolver Launch Revolver TV Mobile App on All Major U.S. Carriers

GoTV Networks, Inc., the industry’s largest mobile-media network, and Revolver magazine, the No. 1 hard-rock and heavy-metal destination in the world, team up to launch the RevolverTV mobile channel. Subscribers will get current music videos, artist interviews, live performances, exclusive access at special events, Guitar World lessons, as well as a behind-the-scenes look into Revolver’s unparalleled photo shoots. RevolverTV joins other GoTV channels, which include Hip Hop Official, ES Música, True Country, Univision Móvil and Sprint Exclusive Entertainment. The RevolverTV app is available at

Aerosmith’s Joey Kramer Talks About His Book, His iPhone App, and Steven Tyler

After nearly four decades of drumming for one of hard rock’s most iconic and notoriously debauched bands, Aerosmith’s Joey Kramer has lived through the stuff of fiction. His recent book, Hit Hard: A Story of Hitting Rock Bottom at the Top (HarperOne), though, is all too real. (Incidentally, Kramer has also launched a rhythm-game iPhone app of the same name.) In the book, he details the personal demons that have troubled him, as well as the rock-and-roll excesses that famously led to the band’s temporary demise in the ’80s. Kramer recently spoke to Revolver about the issues contained in his memoir and about Aerosmith’s enduring status in the music landscape.

Immortal’s Abbath Talks About Burzum’s Varg Vikernes

Norwegian black-metal legends Immortal conclude their four-date North American tour in support of their excellent new album, All Shall Fall, tonight. This week and last week, we have been posting a lengthy interview Revolver did with frontman Abbath Doom Occulta about his career. For the final entry, he talks about Varg Vikernes (née Kristian Vikernes), the man behind the one-man black-metal group Burzum and one of the most controversial musicians in black-metal history. Vikernes was imprisoned for murdering Øystein “Euronymous” Aarseth, the guitarist of the Oslo black-metal group Mayhem, as well as church burnings in the early ’90s. Prior to all of this, Vikernes played in the death-metal group Old Funeral with Abbath across the country from Mayhem in Bergen. Here, Abbath remembers Vikernes from the time before the controversy. Click 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 to read the previous parts of the interview.

Immortal’s Abbath and Demonaz on Guitar Riffs, KISS, and Partying (Or Lack Thereof)

Norwegian black-metal legends Immortal are currently on a four-date North American tour, supporting their latest album, All Shall Fall (Nuclear Blast). For this installment of Revolver’s lengthy interview with frontman Abbath and the band’s lyricist and former guitarist Demonaz—who had to stop playing due to severe tendonitis—we talked about guitar riffs, both for Immortal and Abbath’s band I, which he formed during Immortal’s hiatus. Click 1, 2, 3, and 4 to read the previous parts of the interview.

Raven’s John Gallagher Discusses the Band’s New Album, the N.W.O.B.H.M., and Metallica’s First Tour

Raven have a history like few other bands, having been a minor player in a couple of metal’s major turning points. Formed in 1974, the group was part of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal. And in 1983, they toured the United States with an unknown band opening for them called Metallica, on their first-ever tour. They’ve always stayed true to their thrashy, self-proclaimed “athletic rock” sound and just this week released Walk Through Fire (Metal Blade). They will be touring the U.S. in September. Here, the ever entertaining John Gallagher fills us in on Raven’s last decade.

Immortal’s Abbath and Demonaz Discuss Their Friendship and Why They Never Disagree

Norwegian black-metal legends Immortal are currently on a four-date North American tour, playing Brooklyn, tonight. Since we’re excited about this tour, we have been posting a lengthy interview with frontman Abbath and the band’s lyricist and former guitarist Demonaz (read part one here and part two here). For this installment, the duo discuss their relationship, which they’ve both called almost psychic and which as been the band’s foundation since the beginning.

Immortal’s Abbath and Demonaz Discuss the Internet Parodies and Picking the Right Axe—Literally

In the second part of Revolver's interview with the members of Immortal, we discuss the way the internet has affected the band. As previously mentioned, the Norwegian black-metal legends will be playing four dates in North America beginning this weekend. To read the first part of this interview, click here.

Immortal Frontman Abbath Talks About Touring the U.S. and the Immortal Video Archives

Black-metal legends Immortal released the excellent All Shall Fall (Nuclear Blast), one of Revolver’s Top Albums of 2009, last October. Starting Saturday in Toronto, the trio will be playing a four-date North American tour, including their first U.S. dates since 2007. Beginning a multi-part interview Revolver recently conducted with the band, frontman Abbath talks here about performing live.

Armored Saint’s John Bush Talks About the Band’s Latest, “La Raza,” and What He’s Up To Lately

Last week, Armored Saint released their first album in 10 years, La Raza. The current Armored Saint reunion began when bassist Joey Vera, who had been playing in Fates Warning, contacted John Bush, who had left Anthrax, to work on some new songs. The singer had all but retired from music, but ended up having a lot of fun working with his old friend. Eventually the duo got the rest of the band involved. “We just realized, well look. It’s you. It’s me. It’s rock,” Bush says. “What are we gonna do? Are we gonna try to bullshit the public and tell you, ‘Oh man, it’s not Armored Saint’? Come on, man. It’s not in me.” Bush has since played a few shows with Anthrax again but remains committed to promoting Armored Saint. Here, he fills us in on the rest of the story.