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Live Report: Cannibal Corpse, 1349, and More at the Crazy Donkey, Farmingdale, NY April 25

General smell of the room before Corpse: Beer-sweat, kielbasa, and cheap plastic.

Live Report: The Black Dahlia Murder, Obscura, and More at Santos Party House, New York, March 20

The Black Dahlia Murder (left) is everywhere: They just chill in the crowd and outside, talking to fans and watching the music. That’s pretty old-school. Young Metallica would do that.

Young Metallica: That’s right, I said it.”

Live Report: Shrinebuilder and Wolves in the Throne Room at NYU, New York, March 11

Words to get used to if you want to be a metal journalist: “You’re not on the list.”

Check under Revolver: “Yeah, we get it. You’re not on here.”

Number of editors contacted: Two.