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Melvins, Today Is the Day, and Boss Hog to Play AmRep 25th Anniversary Show

Melvins, Boss Hog, Today Is the Day, and more will perform at Amphetamine Reptile’s 25th Anniversary bash in Minneapolis on August 28. o celebrate, they will also include an AmRep art retrospective, featuring a Danial Corrigan photo exhibit and a Guit Art show showcasing 35 artists.

Guest Blog: Bison B.C.’s Dan And Picks the Five Greatest Riffs ever

Crusty thrashers Bison B.C.’s latest album, Dark Ages (Metal Blade), is so chock-full of memorable guitar work, we figured these guys must be authorities on great riffs. Turns out we were right. After the jump, we’ve posted vocalist-guitarist Dan And’s picks for the Five Best Riffs of All-Time.

Live Report: Shrinebuilder and Wolves in the Throne Room at NYU, New York, March 11

Words to get used to if you want to be a metal journalist: “You’re not on the list.”

Check under Revolver: “Yeah, we get it. You’re not on here.”

Number of editors contacted: Two.