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The Red Chord’s Mike McKenzie on Bacon-Filled Pancakes. Yum.

“We checked in the Green Valley Ranch Hotel with the intention of resting and getting clean, but so much more awaited us. The self-proclaimed Original Pancake House was beckoning us with offerings of bacon-filled pancakes. Wow! What a concept! Could it be? Has someone enshrined crisp, salty bacon in a fluffy sweet cake like Han Solo in carbonite? Am I Jabba the Hut? I like the rancor better.”

The Red Chord’s Mike McKenzie Talks Food and Beverages

The Red Chord is currently on tour with Decapitated as part of Summer Slaughter 2010 Tour. Here’s the first installment of the Red Chord guitarist Mike “Gunface” McKenzie’s (left, second from right) tour blog, exclusive for, about the things that really matter.


I love food. Recently, I was looking through my phone to show someone a picture and I realized that every picture I took was one of three things: dogs, gear, and food. Well I won’t be bringing a fork to the dog blog, so it should be clear which subject this is about. Let’s get to my first discovery of the tour. Maybe it’s a little strange to discuss beverages in my first installment of the blog, but I want to do this chronologically.