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Introducing Nufutic--Featuring Obscura, Sadist, and Necrophagist Members

Introducing Nufutic–Featuring Obscura, Sadist, and Necrophagist Members

Nufutuc is a new fusion metal project featuring musicians from some of Europe’s top death metal bands. The quartet, which came together late last year, features bassist Jeroen Paul Thesseling (Pestilence, ex-Obscura), Sadist guitarist Tommy Talamanca and vocalist Trevor Sadist, and drummer Romain Goulon (Necrophagist). Thesseling recently gave us some more details about the exciting new […]

Review: Obscura - Omnivium

Review: Obscura – Omnivium

Perhaps no subgenre of metal varies in quality as much as technical death metal. For every beautifully composed and tastefully written display of savage art, there are four releases of self-indulgent guitar noodling. Obscura’s previous release, 2009’s Cosmogenesis, fell much closer to the latter category than the former. On Omnivium, however, Obscura have created an album […]