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Slayer’s Kerry King Talks the Big Four, Reissues, and 30 of years of SLAYER

The headbanging legends in Slayer have had a rollercoaster of a 2010. Hell, one doesn’t even headbang anymore. After releasing World Painted Blood last year, the band had planned an epic tour this year, which they sidelined due to vocalist-bassist Tom Araya needing surgery for chronic back pain. The frontman was back onstage by mid-summer—even if he wasn’t headbanging—and, with that, the group began hitting high after high.

First, it rekindled its relationship with fellow thrashers Megadeth—guitarist Kerry King has credited Revolver’s “Book of Slayer” as the impetus—and toured with the group in the U.S. Then, Slayer joined Megadeth, Anthrax, and Metallica for a string of European festivals showcasing the Big Four of Thrash. (All of the bands played a rendition of Diamond Head and Metallica staple “Am I Evil?” in Sofia, Bulgaria, for a live broadcast, but drummer Dave Lombardo was the only Slayer member to participate. Warner Bros. is releasing a DVD of the shows on November 2.) They then headlined the massive Wacken Fest in front of 10s of thousands of metalheads, and now they’re heading back out with Megadeth and Anthrax on the Jägermeister Musictour, which kicks off today.

The Devil Wears Prada’s Mike Hranica on Zombies, Comic Books, and a Guy Married to a Pork Chop

Christian metalcore sextet the Devil Wears Prada have proven over the past couple of years—with tours opening for Killswitch Engage and All That Remains, earning them a nomination as Best Live Band at the Revolver Golden Gods alongside Slayer and Metallica—that they can play nice with the sinners as well as the saints. But if anything will separate them from the rest of the Bible-thumping crowd, it’s their latest project, Zombie EP (Ferret), entirely focused on the undead. A limited-edition version of the release, available at Hot Topic, comes bundled with a 14-page comic book penned by J.L. Bourne, author of Day by Day Armageddon: A Zombie Novel and illustrated by GearHead artist Kevin Mellon. It features the band—in comic form—on a secret mission battling a world overrun with flesh-hungry zombies.

Jex Thoth on the Sabbath Assembly and Worshiping Jesus and Satan Simultaneously

Jex Thoth, frontwoman of her eponymous psychedelic doom-rock band, is releasing a CD of hymns by the Process Church of the Final Judgment today with the group Sabbath Assembly, via the extreme-metal label Ajna Offensive. Here, she talks about the Process Church, which rose to prominence in the ’60s and ’70s and worshiped both Christ and Satan simultaneously, and how such a unique album of doomy folk rock came into being.

Hard Rockers and “Z-Rock” Stars ZO2 Talk About Entertaining Kids and Groping Joan Rivers

As seen on the IFC show Z Rock, hard-rock bruisers ZO2 lead a double life, playing children’s parties during the day and rocking out at night (they’ve even opened for KISS). The Season 2 DVD of Z Rock hit stores on June 8, and Paulie Z., Joey Cassata, and David Zablidowsky of ZO2, were more than happy to fill Revolver in on some of the hilarious events that happened both on and off set.

Dååth’s Eyal Levi Fills Us In on His New Instrumental Album With Fellow Dååthster Emil Werstler

Dååth guitarists Eyal Levi and Emil Werstler have just released an instrumental record called Avalanche of Worms (Magna Carta) from their side project Levi/Werstler. Playing alongside Cynic drummer Sean Reinert, bassist Kevin Scott, and keyboardist Eric Guenther, Levi and Werstler indulge unbridled shredding and prog-rock riffs on the disc. Dååth fans should take note of this tangent, though, because the guys have said that the music on this album foreshadows what they’ll be doing on that band’s new record, due in October. Here, Eyal Levi explains the connection.

Anthrax’s Joey Belladonna and Charlie Benante Talk About Belladonna’s Return

Anthrax announced earlier this week that Joey Belladonna, the singer on the group’s classic ’80s albums, will once again be their frontman. This came after months of speculation in the wake of the departure of Dan Nelson, who departed the group acrimoniously last year, about whether John Bush—the group’s previous vocalist—would return after playing a few festivals. As if that wasn’t enough soap opera, he had left the band in 2005 when Belladonna re-joined the band for a brief reunion tour. So what the heck is going on?

Breaking Benjamin’s Benjamin Burnley on Wet Brain and Motorcycle Accidents

In Revolver’s May/June issue, we interview Breaking Benjamin frontman Benjamin Burnley on Dear Agony (Hollywood), which deals with his chronic disease wet brain and his phobias of travel. For those of you who didn’t get enough (or are too cheap to buy the magazine), here’s the best of the rest of our wide-ranging chat.

Armored Saint’s John Bush Talks About the Band’s Latest, “La Raza,” and What He’s Up To Lately

Last week, Armored Saint released their first album in 10 years, La Raza. The current Armored Saint reunion began when bassist Joey Vera, who had been playing in Fates Warning, contacted John Bush, who had left Anthrax, to work on some new songs. The singer had all but retired from music, but ended up having a lot of fun working with his old friend. Eventually the duo got the rest of the band involved. “We just realized, well look. It’s you. It’s me. It’s rock,” Bush says. “What are we gonna do? Are we gonna try to bullshit the public and tell you, ‘Oh man, it’s not Armored Saint’? Come on, man. It’s not in me.” Bush has since played a few shows with Anthrax again but remains committed to promoting Armored Saint. Here, he fills us in on the rest of the story.