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Guest Blog: Alexisonfire Guitarist Wade MacNeil Gets a Jar of Moonshine From a Famous Rapper

It has been so long since we have driven across the United States that it almost feels like the it's the first time. We all pour out of the RV at every truck stop and buy up all the pocket knifes and fireworks we can get our hands on. We are acting like a bunch of 12-year-olds with fake IDs.

It was around 3:00 A.M. late last night when we rolled into St. Petersburg FL. We arrived at the club we are playing tomorrow and pulled around back. The band that played earlier that night had finished up and were hanging around on their bus behind the club. Dallas [Green, vocals and guitar] went over and said hello to the dudes and they were kind enough to offer him a couple beers.

The band was Uncle Kracker and they had to fly really early the next morning go play on a cruise ship with Kid Rock. So they cleaned out their cabinets and gave us a shit-ton of booze! Their prize possession being the large mason jar full of moonshine. It smells and tastes like delicious apples and it will probably make us go blind.

See you in the hospital,
Blind Wade MacNeil

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