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Guest Blog: Shawn Milke of Alesana’s Countdown of “Things That I Truly Give a Crap About”

Sitting In: A bar called the Library in Tempe, AZ with Shane and Dennis
Listening To: “I Like It Rough” by Lady Gaga
Time of Day: 6:00 p.m. MST
Day of Tour: 25
Time Left Until I Play: 3 hours and 40 minutes

Recently, I blogged about the Top Five most embarrassing moments that I have ever experienced onstage and I started thinking. Well, more accurately it made me realize something: I love countdowns.

When I was growing up I was obsessed with music (big surprise, I know). Every January I would create a list of the Top 50 Songs of the Year, Top 10 Albums of the Year, and Top 5 Artists of the Year, according to me—just for fun. Have you ever watched VH1 or the Entertainment Network and had the pleasure of viewing those addicting shows where they countdown the best videos of all time, the worst-dressed celebrities, most surprising cameos of all time, best hair, worst shoes? The list goes on and on. No matter where I am or what I am doing, or the subject matter of the countdown for that matter, I simply cannot change the channel when those things are on the screen. To make matters worse, I do not think I have ever been happy with the revelation of the No. 1 *insert topic here* of “all time”. It makes me wonder why I subject myself to these countdowns if in the end I am only going to be disappointed. Is it the anticipation? Is it the clever way all of the shots are edited? Is it the cheesy attempts at humor that nearly every narrator pours like syrup on pancakes? I guess it could be any, or all, of these things. Or maybe I am just addicted to countdowns. Regardless of the reason, I love it.

That being said, I am now going to reveal to you my “Top 10 ‘In Case You Give A Crap’ Countdown of Things That I Truly Give a Crap About.” To make it more fun, I have also included my Top 5 in each of the 10 categories. I am a nerd. Enjoy.

number ten - Gas Station Treats

5. Slim Jim’s
4. Doritos (original)
3. Arizona Red Apple Iced Tea
2. Andy Capp Hot and/or Cheddar Fries
1. Powdered Mini Donuts

number nine - Things I Ask for on Our Rider Each Show

5. Odwalla Bars (especially strawberry pomegranate)
4. Lunch Meat with Wheat Bread and Mayonnaise
3. Naked Juice (especially green machine)
2. Emergen-Cs
1. Gatorade

number eight - Venues in America

5. State Theatre, St. Petersburg, FL
4. The Rave, Milwaukee, WI
3. El Rey Theatre, Los Angeles, CA
2. The Metro, Chicago, IL
1. Soma, San Diego, CA

number seven - Coolest Cities in the World

5. Saint Croix
4. Sydney
3. Tokyo
2. Chicago
1. Philadelphia

number six - Favorite Foods

5. Macaroni and Cheese
4. Hot Dogs
3. Sushi
2. Homemade Grilled Cheese w/ Tomato Basil Soup
1. Indian

number five - TV Shows (non-animated / animated)

5. It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia / Looney Tunes
4. How I Met Your Mother / Home Movies
3. Curb Your Enthusiasm / Aqua Teen Hunger Force
2. Entourage / Family Guy
1. Arrested Development / The Simpsons

number four - Actors and Actresses

5. Robert De Niro
4. Johnny Depp
3. Kate Winslet
2. Josh Hartnett
1. Leonardo DiCaprio

number three - Albums of All Time

5. Save the World, Lose the Girl, Midtown
4. The Always Open Mouth, Fear Before the March of Flames
3. Colors, Between the Buried and Me
2. Something To Write Home About, the Get-Up Kids
1. The Everglow, Mae

number two - Bands of All Time

5. Thrice
4. Spitalfield
3. Oasis
2. Mae
1. The Beatles

number one - Movies

5. Lucky Number Slevin
4. Wicker Park
3. The Count Of Monte Cristo
2. The Shawshank Redemption
1. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

So there you have it. Hopefully this Countdown of Countdowns provided you with a small window into the things that make me tick. After all, it is the little things in life that make each day special. It is actually a bit surprising how therapeutic an exercise like this can be. So much of our lives are spent going to work, sitting in class, doing chores, walking the dog, sleeping. We tend to not focus on the little things that make us smile without even realizing it. Here is what I want you to do, people. Select one of the categories in my Top 10 countdowns and send me your Top 5 in that category. Leave your response in the form of a comment right here on Do not be shy, there are no wrong answers here. Just have fun with it and let your imagination run wild. Oh yeah, and help me pick a Top 5 for next week. I’ll pick the one that sounds like the most fun and reveal my choices in next week’s blog. Until then, loyal readers...snap into a Slim Jim—oh, yeah!

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