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Immortal’s Abbath and Demonaz Discuss the Internet Parodies and Picking the Right Axe—Literally

In the second part of Revolver's interview with the members of Immortal, we discuss the way the internet has affected the band. As previously mentioned, the Norwegian black-metal legends will be playing four dates in North America beginning this weekend. To read the first part of this interview, click here.

REVOLVER In the seven years between albums, the internet has become a lot more prevalent in promoting bands. How do you feel about that?
DEMONAZ Only on the internet do they make a lot of parodies. Maybe we should make a Benny Hill T-shirt with Immortal on the front? No, seriously I don’t mean that… Bloggers are always wanting to write some shit about you. I don’t know, I think that is something that follows every band.

Abbath, do the internet parodies bother you?
BBATH No, no not at all. It did in the beginning, because especially after ’99 when we released At the Heart of Winter, there was this mistake. We were experimenting with this guy and had this photo session with him, and none of the pictures came out right. So with the outfits and everything we had on us, so we decided to not use those pictures. But only a couple of pictures of me and Horgh’s faces, which came out really good. And we sent those pictures on a disk to Osmose [Productions, the band’s old label] and but some-fucking-how all those fucking pictures came over to Osmose and suddenly the whole booklet was full of them and after that, you know, the internet was coming up and we were sitting duck. [Laughs] In Immortal, we have self-irony; we understand, we can have a laugh about it too, but we are a serious band, we take it serious. I mean we still have the same image.

I still use that axe on the new album, you know. People have a laugh about that axe because it was on the Sons of Northern Darkness cover, but for me that’s the ultimate axe. I love that axe and if it for some people looks like a butterfly I can understand that but hey, so what? Maybe it is a butterfly. Maybe that’s the meaning. Like what’s more evil than a butterfly, black butterfly, or a fucking bat? They all come from the freaky kind of nature. [Laughs] Whatever. I mean we’re gonna have the last laugh anyway. The people who do not take us serious… I think it’s our fans doing this.

What do you mean?
ABBATH All this manipulating of Immortal pictures on the net and all this video stuff like “The Call of the Wintermoon” video we did, the first video. That was just a total mistake. It was out of our hands. There was this TV company who just wanted to do this thing with us and we said “OK.” And it was out of our hands suddenly. What can you do? It came out, and now it’s on YouTube for everybody to see, and I thought, That’s shit. That’s fucked. But then I saw they had manipulated it; they had made like a Benny Hill version of it with the Benny Hill music and the fast-forward filming. And then I thought, Fucking hell, that’s funny. That’s really funny. Now I can finally laugh about it, too. [Laughs]

Interview by Kory Grow // Photos by Peter Beste

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