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Live Report: Shrinebuilder and Wolves in the Throne Room at NYU, New York, March 11

Chris Krovatin is the author of the young-adult novels Heavy Metal & You and Venomous, as well as's “Final Six” blog. The latter book was the inspiration for Deadlocke, a one-shot published by Dark Horse Comics. He thinks drinking Scotch followed by Duvel is a good idea.

On Thursday, I went to a night of underground metal headlined by Shrinebuilder (left) with support from Wolves in the Throne Room. Here’s what happened:



Price of 375 mL of McColl’s Scotch: $8.15

Price of my dignity: $8.15.

Price of a ticket for this NYU show: $2.00 for NYU students; $5.00 for us regular plebs.

Place is mobbed: A million and one metal hipsters are out tonight. It’s funny to be part of this crowd. There’s so much flannel.

Words to get used to if you want to be a metal journalist: “You’re not on the list.”

Check under Revolver: “Yeah, we get it. You’re not on here.”

Number of editors contacted: Two.

Number of fans who shook their heads in shame while this journalist tried to negotiate getting into this show: Three.

Look assholes: I just really want to see Wolves in the Throne Room. Eat a dick.

And so: I go to the Vol Du Nuit bar.

Beer of choice: Duvel.

Number consumed: Three.

Result: Holy shit.

Final summation: Guess we’re not getting in.

Kory, my Revolver editor, is calling: “Call Dave. He’ll get you in.”

Dave comes through: We’re into the show.

Oh, Jesus: Dealing with NYU security while drunk is not fun.

First band up when we get in: Wolves in the Throne Room.

Hurrah: They’re the only reason I’m here.

Sounds: Long-form ambient black metal.

Wolves in the Throne Room fun fact: The group contains two farmers from Seattle who make music that’s supposed to sound like being in the woods.

Immediate emotion: Holy shit, it’s like being in the woods.

Lame Wolves in the Throne Room announcement: “We see…we see a mosh pit here. It’s only happened twice before…if we could just close that.”

Hilarious concept: Moshing to Wolves In The Throne Room.

Favorite crowd banter: “PLAY SLOWER!!”

Merch discovery: No Wolves in the Throne Room patches.

Really, guys: Some of us with denim vests go to these shows.

Next up: Shrinebuilder.

Shrinebuilder fun fact: Shrinebuilder are a supergroup featuring members of Neurosis, Melvins, Sleep, Om, and, of course, Wino of the Obsessed and Saint Vitus fame.

You still got that McColl’s, man: Yo, pass it around. It is gross as Hell.

Sound: Huge, looming stoner metal with a baroque twist.

General state of audience: Headbanging.

General state of band: Head-wiggling.

Favorite thing about Wino: There’s this weird, über-confident way of stepping up to the mic that Wino has. It’s fierce and beautiful.

Jesus, listen to you: Welcome to Homoville. You are the King here.

Overall opinion of this show: Word. This was cool, NYU hosting this metal show. At least we know things like this can happen. I had an okay time.

Too bad you didn’t see Salome: These things happen.

Toppings on my post-show Crif Dog: Coleslaw, jalapeños, a bacon laticce, and chili (known as “The Spicy Redneck”).

Oh, Jesus: Farting like a machine.

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