Review: The Word Alive – Life Cycles



When it comes to building a big sound, this metalcore outfit doesn’t bother with half-measures. Guitarists Zack Hansen and Tony Pizzuti not only provide massive crunch and harmonized leads but further fatten the sound with backing vocals and programming, an arsenal that can swell the sonics to near-symphonic grandeur, as with the intertwining guitars, keys, and vocal lines on the densely layered “Hidden Lakes.” But it’s not all bombast. “Astral Plane” takes an almost ambient tack, with ghostly guitars and reverb-laden drum machine, before finally dropping the hammer midway through. If they ever write melodies as memorable as the arrangements, this band would rule. J.D. CONSIDINE

Check out “Hidden Lakes” off Life Cycles below:


  • Abuck

    love love love this album! Every song has its own uniqueness to it which is great in this day where most bands have songs that all song the same. Telle does an amazing job on vocals on this album you can really see the bands growth from deciever to this record! well done guys!