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The Hottest Chicks in Metal: Liv Kristine—the Outtakes!

Didn't get enough of this month's Hottest Chick in Metal, Liv Kristine of Leaves’ Eyes? Neither did we.

Which is why we've posted these bonus pics of her, as well as a few more of her grossest stories. Enjoy. And check out Liv’s pinup in the new issue of Revolver. Plus for a chance to win an ESP Viper guitar played by Leaves' Eyes' Thorsten Bauer, click here.

"During a show in Europe many years ago, an extreme fan in the first row suddenly started sucking my big toe—I wore high heals with an open front. That happened during a ballad. I realized that it was just not possible to finish the song as the guy just would't give up his ‘toe-sucking’ attacks, despite my friendly ‘warnings.’ Luckily, I had polished my toenails red, and I guess I made somebody's dream come true that night."

"The grossest thing one of the bands I’ve toured with has done? I couldn't believe my own eyes as I witnessed an artist cutting himself as a highlight of the night's final song. How insane is that? I'm glad I was in the audience and not part of that band."

"Once upon a night a spider of medium size decided to crawl into my mouth and sleep over. I slept like a log but was woken up by that poor, black thing desperately trying to get out. There was some crazy screaming heard that very morning, I can tell you!"

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