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The Hottest Chicks in Metal: Alissa White-Gluz—the Outtakes!

Didn't get enough of this month's Hottest Chick in Metal, Alissa White-Gluz of the Agonist? Neither did we. Which is why we've posted these bonus pics of her, as well as a few more of her grossest stories. Enjoy. And check out Alissa’s pinup in the new issue of Revolver.

"Being vegan, there aren’t too many gross things in my diet. I would say that food that is slightly past the expiration date is something gross that I eat—I don’t like to throw out food!"

"The grossest place I’ve ever stayed while on tour was in Toronto, on the Doro tour. The place was filled with weird drug addicts and two guys that were bleeding profusely for some reason. I woke up three times that night, and every time there was another stranger sitting next to me! I kept moving away, and eventually, when one of the guys bled on me, I went and slept in the van."

"The grossest thing that one of my bandmates has done in my presence? My bass player [Chris Kells] and [former] Arsis bass player Noah Martin pissed in the catering dishes during the Enslaved tour!"

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