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The Hottest Chicks in Metal: Michele Walter—the Outtakes!

Didn't get enough of August's Hottest Chick in Metal Michele Walter of Farewell to Freeway? Neither did we. Which is why we've posted these exclusive outtakes from our photo shoot with her, as well as a few more of her grossest stories. Enjoy. And check out her pinup in the current issue of Revolver, on newsstands now.

“The grossest venue I’ve ever played was in Vancouver, B.C., which is one of the most beautiful places in Canada, except for this one stretch of road downtown called East Hastings, which is the exact opposite. It's one of the worst drug capitals in North America, so everyone existing within these few blocks is a complete zombie. (They're always itchy?!) This, of course, is where we always end up playing. Last time we showed up to the venue, there were hundreds of people lined up down the street, not for the show but to exchange their used needles. Needless to say, we always leave there in a hurry, looking for the nearest shower.”

“The grossest place I've ever stayed while on tour was in Crestview, Florida... A group of kids were actually squatting in this house, which we found out on arrival... No power except for the one extension cord running through the living room window from the house next door to power their TV and DVD player, which was playing SLC Punk on repeat... Rotting food in the fridge... When you stood within five feet of the front door, there was just this rancid odor that was a combination of rotting food and cat pungent that you had to hold your breath if you dared enter... Let's just say, we didn't stay the night.”