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The Hottest Chicks in Metal: Vivian Slaughter—the Outtakes!

Didn't get enough of this month's Hottest Chick in Metal Vivian Slaughter of Japanese all-girl black-crust tyrants Gallhammer? Neither did we. Which is why we've posted these bonus pics of her, as well as a few more of her grossest stories. Enjoy. And check out her pinup in the current issue of Revolver, on newsstands now.

"Nowhere I've stayed on tour was gross to me. Everywhere was nice for me. Because I was sleeping on the street sometimes when I was young."

"The grossest thing I've ever done was I talked with friend while puking and smiling in the stairs. It was not probs for me. But it was grossest for my friend, I think. Maybe I did more but I cannot remember."

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