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The Hottest Chicks in Metal: Lauren Harris—the Outtakes!

Didn't get enough of this month's Hottest Chick in Metal Lauren Harris, daughter of Iron Maiden bassist Steve Harris and hard rocker in her own right? Neither did we. Which is why we've posted these bonus pics of her, as well as a few more of her grossest stories. Enjoy. And check out her pinup in the current issue of Revolver, on newsstands now.

“I would say the grossest thing I've ever eaten has to be ox's tongue. It was absolutely horrible!”

“One of the grossest things that ever happened on tour was when we were in Argentina; we came on and after the first couple of songs, some people in the front were spitting at us and one bit of spit landed on my hand. After we came off stage we smelt of people’s spit—it was the most disgusting thing ever.”

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