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The Word Alive’s Tyler “Telle” Smith On the Holidays

So it's that time of year, my friends. The holiday season is upon us. Thanksgiving is around the corner and, before you know it, Christmas and New Year's. Being on tour for the last four years has kept me from family and friends during most holidays, so I want to encourage you all to really take advantage of the time you may have with your families these holidays. While on tour, this group of guys become my family. I'm not sure where we'll be for Thanksgiving but probably a hotel watching football and drinking some beers, haha

If you're coming out to a show on our current tour with A Day To Remember/Underoath/Close Your Eyes or already have, we just want to say thank you. This past year has been such a whirlwind experience for the band and me. When January 1 hit this year, we didn't have a drummer, and the majority of our new CD Deceiver was written. Fast forward through several US tours, recording and releasing our debut full-length album, playing Bamboozle and Warped Tour and our current tour, and I can't even relay how thankful I am to our friends who've supported us, our families for enduring us being gone all the time, and for our fans who have supported us at shows, by buying our CD, and telling their friends to do the same. So much has happened this year and with the holidays around the corner, it just makes me realize how important the little things are along the way

No matter what you're doing in your life, take the time along your journey to enjoy the little things. Tell your friends, your families that you love them, appreciate them, and spend some time with them if you can. The Word Alive has been on an incredible journey the past couple of years, one we don't have any intention on stopping any time soon. Our greatest gift to all of you is just appreciating all that fans do to keep bands on the road. And hopefully we can repay you with an awesome experience at our shows, with music that you can relate to, and friendly hand shakes and hugs after shows. :

I recently answered some questions on a holiday theme—you can see my answers soon! But for now I'd like to see what your guys' answers are on this one: What is your favorite holiday song and why? Reply below and let me know

In the meantime, here are some pictures from the shows on this amazing tour with A Day To Remember and Underoath, just so you can have a peak inside what makes us feel blessed every single day.

Enjoy your holidays, and see you at a show soon!


Thumbnail photo by Ashton Popiel

Photo by Chelsea Casey

Photo by Brad McDermott

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