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Tour Diary: Jucifer Plays a Portuguese Metal Fest, Meet Up With Friends, and Stay on a Boat

If Jucifer are known for one thing, it's volume. The alt-metal two-piece hauls walls of amps all over the world to create its sludgy mix of hard rock and metal. The group's new album, Throned in Blood (Nomadic Fortress), is out now. Here, guitarist and vocalist Amber Valentine shares her tour diary from a Portuguese metal fest.



May 1, 2010
Viana Do Castelo, Portugal

Played SWR Barroselas Metalfest last night!!! It was rad. Portuguese metalheads are awesome. We played to a packed crowd and felt so much love, it was like a homecoming. And we saw a bunch of sick bands we’d never seen before. Immolation and Triptykon were both fuckin’ incredible, although the mix was better for Triptykon. It was cool to hang with our friends in Saviours and see them play on a huge stage, too. We seem to run into each other a lot in the States but we never played together in Europe before! We also hung with Alexandre from Corpus Christi and his girlfriend, who we had met a couple years ago in Lisboa. We sat around drinking mini bottles of local port wine, having bizarre philosophical conversations about politics and the nature of good and evil, and laughing at ourselves for going all intellectual.

Our sound guys and stagehands ruled. All the staff for SWR were so excellent, running all over the place making sure everything flowed. Amazingly, even though there wasn't a hard-ass stage manager, all of the bands played in their time slots. Really cool to see so many people working together so well, in the name of metal!

Grayceon and Darsombra are on tour with us here, and although they weren’t originally scheduled to play, the SWR dudes set up an extra stage just for them. Now that's class! We didn't get to see them, but they loved their show... It was out in the woods near a camping area, and they had a great crowd out there, too.

We loaded out in the rain, packing the shit into our van for the first time since this was the first show of the tour and the first time all of our gear and luggage was in the same place. It sucked but we made it fit. We'll organize it another day. Then went back to our home for the last couple nights, a hostel on a boat. So fuckin’ cool! By the time we got there the sun was up. A few hours in bed and we’re up again, getting caffeinated for our drive to Madrid...

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