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Watch Body Count Record an Epic Slayer Medley

Ice-T and company's latest music video takes us into the studio for a behind-the-scenes look at the making of Bloodlust's epic Slayer medley
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One of the most thrilling moments on Body Count's latest album, Bloodlust, is Ice-T and company's medley of Slayer's immortal tracks "Raining Blood" and "Postmortem." If you've ever wondered how the tribute came together, ponder no more: the band's new music video for the Bloodlust cut takes us into the studio for a behind-the-scenes look at how the sessions went down. (Unlike Body Count's recently-released, extremely gory "Here I Go Again" clip, this one's safe for work.) Watch below.

In addition to giving fans a peek behind the curtain, "Raining Blood" / "Postmortem" — co-directed by Treach Tribe and Ice-T — provides some valuable insights into the unholy trinity of influences that's served as the Body Count's gospel over their 27-year history. "I used the three bands that were my favorites at the time to set the tone," the frontman, rapper and actor reveals. "We used the impending doom of a group like Black Sabbath, who pretty much invented metal, the punk sensibilities of somebody like Suicidal [Tendencies], who basically put that gangbanger style from Venice, California, into the game, and the speed and precision of Slayer: one of my favorite groups, and always will be."


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