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Watch Danzig Reluctantly Tour a German Castle in 1992

A hilariously awkward classic episode of 'Headbangers Ball'
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On July 14, 1992, Danzig released their third album, Danzig III: How The Gods Kill. As Danzig's first album to break into the Top 25 on the Billboard charts, How The Gods Kill offered definitive proof that ex-Misfit Glenn Danzig's latest musical endeavor was anything but your average solo project, instead it solidfied his status as heavy metal royalty. Many critics and fans regard it as one of the band's definitive albums, and rightly so; Songs like "Sistinas," "Dirty Black Summer," and the title-track are not so much essentials as they are herculean sonic feats that take Danzig's booming goth rock — already filled to the brim with diabolical riffs, turbulent tempos and overpowering confidence — and somehow amplify it to terror-inducing levels.

The same year that Danzig III dropped, Danzig and bassist Eerie Von made a now-classic appearance on "Headbangers Ball." After catching up with the band on tour in Germany, host Riki Rachtman whisked the two bandmates to an opulently-decorated, unequivocally creepy castle for an intriguing (and super awkward) chat. Come for insightful discussion on How The Gods Kill; Stay for the metal-as-fuck scenery, ceaseless sulking, and seething softly-spoken disses, like this one from Danzig himself: "Is this band called the Misfits or Samhain? No. It's called Danzig." Ouch. Check out the interview below.