Hear Knoxville Hardcore Band Will to Die's Burly "Twist of the Knife" | Revolver

Hear Knoxville Hardcore Band Will to Die's Burly "Twist of the Knife"

Bring the pain. And the melody?
will to die

Knoxville's Will to Die might need therapy. They sure are angry enough. Mixing dark hardcore aesthetics (in the vein of Cleveland's Ringworm, Integrity, In Cold Blood, etc.) with modern metal flair, the five-piece band attacks with a subtle melodicism that is rarely found among the chugga-chugga set. That's right, Will to Die is hummable ... while you're clobbering your neighbor in the closest mosh pit.

Will to Die have been bouncing around the U.S. for some time now — touring with everyone from Bitter End to Harm's Way — and they're about to drop a killer new LP, Twist of the Knife, via Bad Ground Records on July 21. Below, take a first listen to the bloodthirsty title track, which is filled with a multitude of staccato open-string riffs (that will please anyone looking to pick up change) and unique textural guitar parts. It's atonal yet melodic, vitriolic without being one-note, but overall it's one big starter log sure to cause an inferno of brutality at your nearest hardcore gig.



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