Watch the "It's Always Sunny" 'Dayman' Metal Cover

"It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" Gets Metal Treatment with "Dayman" Cover

YouTuber Brian Nichols finds the hidden link between Electric Dream Machine and prog metal 

"It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia" fans are undoubtedly familiar with the Dayman, a hero born from the deranged, spray-paint clouded mind of one Charlie Kelly. Legend has it that the Dayman (who may or may not be Kelly himself) developed some strange and remarkable powers, as a result of a strange (and very problematic) encounter with the Nightman, his archnemesis. One day, Kelly decided to turn the story into a song; Together with his drinking buddy Dennis Reynolds, the two formed a band called Electric Dream Machine and took the legend to the big stage.

The audience at Paddy's Pub came away from the performance relatively unmoved – there was a fair bit of heckling, due in no small part to the duo's ridiculous outfits – but YouTuber and "Always Sunny" fan Brian Nichols walked away with knowledge of "Dayman"'s true power: with its good-versus-evil storyline and über-dramatic arrangement, the song's as cvlt as it gets. Naturally, then, he's adapted Electric Dream Machine's classic into a Trivium-esque banger. Check out the "Dayman" metal cover below. Charlie would be proud.

Here's the original performance, in all its glory:


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